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Hello my fellow readers and writers! I know it has been quite sometime since I posted on the blog but I am back. There is a lot going on and I could hardly decide where to start. So, I guess I’ll begin with my publication of ABE and the Old Man in the online magazine The Write Room’s January issue. I am truly proud and if you get a chance slide over there and check it out.  

So much reading and writing to do this year and I am extremely excited. HWG has a writer’s conference coming up this week and I’ll be there networking with other writer’s and hopefully learning something that will enhance my own.

Also, I would be flogged and scorned for not mentioning the new addition to the family, my baby girl Olivia Grace. Two months early but not a moment too soon. We are extremely blessed to have her. (See what I meant by a lot going on?). Oh happy day and sleepless nights..  

Would love to hear any feedback or updates from you out there. And like I said I will do better at my postings an  look forward to interacting with you my dear blog family