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The most important thing to remember as a fledgling(Let’s face it, none of us really like this word but its definitely what it feels like sometimes, right?) writer is that you are doing something that pleases you. I have good days and bad days. Ray Bradbury said if your unhappy when you write, it means your doing something wrong.???  Mr. Bradbury says, writing should be fun. He say’s Writers block is your brain telling you that it doesn’t like you anymore….Your talking about stuff it doesn’t want to talk about. (Me laughing). I am paraphrasing of course,  and I won’t even try to argue with the Master. But I will say this: I am stoked and excited when I am composing with all inhibitions laid down. I am giddy when I write something that is truly instinctive and intuitive. Something that boiled up spontaneously from my own stream of consciousness. Our own instincts  seem to be our best guide; real talk.

I remember writing a scene in my recent YA/Fantasy novel that came to me in this way–Instinctively. I edited the piece, cleaned it up and took it to my critique circle for feedback. It was a hit! We were in tears. I hadn’t realized just how funny this particular scene would be in front of an audience. But the fun for me was getting to say things in the writing that  we can’t normally say to each other. Or, during normal conversation. And if we do, it doesn’t carry the same heft as when interpreted through ones stream of consciousness. I suppose its one of those moments when you think of something funny and you laugh to yourself. Many times the thought is so funny its quite impossible to stop laughing. The mind and the imagination are a powerful thing, and I think writing is a way we can examine them and amuse ourselves and others along the way. Just have fun!