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On April 15th there was a knock at the door. As I stumbled down the stairs and attempted to slide into my slippers, I heard the growl of a large truck trailing away. I had anticipated this day for a week. And when I got downstairs to the front door and peeked through the window I saw the rear of the large, brown UPS truck turning the corner on the next block.

My heart leapt and time seemed to almost screech to a halt as I frantically tried to open the door and check the front porch for what I hoped was there. And I as I stepped out onto the porch and saw the non-descript box sitting on the stoop, I was almost exploding with joy. I came back into the house , holding the box like lost  treasure, my wife was standing on the steps smiling.

“Is it here?” she said.

I nodded.  We shuffled back up the stairs to the bedroom. I lay the box on the floor and began tearing it open like a five year old on Christmas morning. …That is exactly what receiving the package felt like- a Christmas gift.

I opened the box and heaven gazed up at me.

It was amazing! My new book–Sheila, Quest for the Golden Sapphire had arrived. I was so excited I walked around with that damn book under my arm for the rest of the day. And probably the next one, too. It had been a long road to publication. Many things changed and halted because they just didn’t feel right. But now I can say that I have a book that I am proud and thankful for. The feeling is great and I, as always, have the utmost respect and consideration for anyone out there trying to write anything. But for me this is only one step in a long meandering road. Many more books to write and many more marketing efforts to ensure this book is out there for ALL to read.

This week I’ll be attending the Texas Librarians Association in Houston, Texas. If you’re in the area come by the table I’ll be there with other great authors from the Houston Writers Guild.  Until next time, happy writing and remember, have fun!


Also, if you would like to purchase a copy of Sheila, my Juvenile fantasy book, you can purchase it on my author website at http://www.outskirtspress.com/sheila. Or, you can also go directly to Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.com to get it. Also, the ebook edition is available for $7.99 for a limited time. Thanks