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The first thing I want to do is appreciate some people. When marketing a book it takes a lot of people (practically a little village) to assist in making it successful. The folks at Outskirts Press have been awesome. Especially the PMA that has been helping me with the Marketing strategy/Plan. Thank you Sonya!

But also, this week I had the opportunity to talk about my book on a podcast from Some ‘N Unique magazine. “Books, Jazz, Coffee and Smokes”. I want to thank F. Kenneth Taylor, the host of the show for bringing me into his home, on the air, and allowing me to talk about everything from my book Sheila, politics, writing and everything else that we could fit in. I want to thank the people who called in from listeners like- Author God Son to my high school classmate L.L. We had a great time talking about the book and even some of my old high school favorites. (Tupac–How long will they Mourn me!) Ha! I love it!

Check out my Facebook page below to catch up on the interview and learn more about it.



I’ll admit that I don’t enjoy the marketing aspect of book publication as much as I love the actual writing. But I enjoy speaking with readers of the book and others about writing and the publishing process. Hands down its got to be one of the most rewarding parts of the process. Much LOVE to all my people on Facebook!

Next week I’ll be doing another interview on a show called the Price of Business. Its a Nationally Syndicated show in Houston with Host Kevin Price.

http://www.priceofbusiness.com.  http://www.business1110ktek.com  are the websites where I’ll be speaking between 930 and 10:00am Wednesday 10/27. Thanks so much for following and so much for all your support.

Until next time.