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I think it is true you must love what you do, and do what you love. When reviewing successful artists, writers, people in general, I’ve found one common denominator—Passion! It seems cliché to say that, but without it, the energy to push forward when things are tough is absent.  Bradbury said you must be a madman/woman about your craft if is to work. The great poet Bohemian-Austrian, Ranier Rilke, said we must search inwardly to find our purpose. If one is to be a creative, writer of novels, short stories, plays or poems, he/she must ask in the deepest, darkest, personal hour of their day, Must I write? If the answer to this question comes back yes, then the writer must devote his entire life to that purpose.

The rejections come. They will come increasingly. To survive the storm is the goal. What the Bible calls a pruning or threshing. This is a concept that has cycled through my subconscious many times. The passion is like the gas in the second tank of the new solar powered cars. When the solar power has run dry, and the vehicle should normally stop, it switches to the gas engine, giving the vehicle energy to push forward through the tough time. Prayer and passion are the stabilizers.

These are things I speak to myself, trying to navigate the torrents of industry and society.  As a writer, no matter what level, we must continue to tell ourselves that we must never submit to exhaustion if this is truly your life’s passion. The struggle is real. But so is hope and victory and success and life.

Your writing is beautiful if you know that it is. If you don’t, then it is not. Dismiss rejection, but don’t forget it. Use it to thrust you forward, knowing what you Must do. Keep the passion and the prayer.

Godspeed in your art,