About Me

I am a God fearing, husband, father, brother, friend and published author. I’ve tumbled through the retail industry for the last 14 years, and writing for five of those years. However, I like to tell people that I’ve studied the craft of writing all my life(Sounds poetic, eh!). But true. “Ghosts” is an anthology of ghosts stories by the Houston Writers Guild, and My Francine is a short story in that book, and my current claim to publication. Feel free to pick it up on Amazon.com or directly from the publisher Aakenbaaken & Kent of New York. I write because I love the experience of story and all that it encompasses: drama, action, fear, happiness, anxiety. Life. I invite you to inhale the journey with me(Trust me, no drugs, we’ll only be inhaling clean, crisp, story–by God). And I think through the experience we can learn something from each other, and enjoy one of the greatest pleasures of life. Writing.


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